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4 Most Effective Ways for YouTube Video Optimization

4 Most Effective Ways YouTube Video Optimization

4 Most Effective Ways YouTube Video Optimization 


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about, YouTube Video Optimization.

Generally the most visible part in the video search list is the video thumbnail. However, please also note here that this "video thumbnail" is not the only element that can make video visibility stand out in search results.

This is because when a user searches YouTube for videos, the  first thing many people notice is the video title. 

With the title of the user it's easier to do more relevant searches, including the description of the video itself. 

The title and description of this video are the most important elements for searching videos on Youtube, plus in relation to Google's algorithm to display  related videos in search results. 

For this reason, it is recommended to optimize the video title and description to the maximum extent possible. This is where the best loopholes that every video publisher can use to present their videos to  a more targeted audiencein search results. Youtube videos also rank very well in Google's Universal Search Results  especially for "how-to" queries, in this case for categories of users who are more interested in tutorial-type videos, obviously, it is very relevant if the title and the description has been well optimized, it will still make the video's visibility stand out to users which will certainly lead them to click and watch your video. Take the example as shown below. The search term key used is "how to play drum" and the result is the video title will be printed brighter and thicker,

Researching competitors and placing a few basic keywords will increase the view and visibility of your channel in search results. The following 5 Youtube video SEO tools include research on what is trending in search, Youtube video SEO tools and techniques that are very useful for implementing SEO Video and Youtube Marketing:

1. Youtube Search Filter. Understand what's going on

Every time you are about to make a new video on Youtube it is highly recommended to do research first. Look for videos that are relevant to your project. Learn what your competitors have done before you become part of the routine. Likewise in the process of making videos, it is advisable to search videos on Youtube up to several times. Learn how competitors design their video thumbnails, create channels, provide video titles and their descriptions.

There are several filter options that can be utilized in YouTube video search, one of which is "Sort by uloaded date" to see the videos that have just been uploaded. Search by rating is also a very important option to find out the audience's positive reaction to the video they are watching. Likewise with the filter option based on channel, to find out more competitors on a video topic. 

2. Keyword Tool Youtube: Long Tail Keyword

Youtube Keyword Tool . Using more specific key phrases is a good way to get ranking information for less competitive keywords, thus making it easy for anyone to drive highly targeted natural traffic to published videos. Video Auto Suggest will return results and search suggestions that are very helpful for determining keywords, channels, titles and video descriptions.

Type a search term in the YouTube search field and you will see the most popular search terms anyone has typed in that phrase. This is a great resource to find out the most appropriate keyword information for your videos, because with this feature you will find out what people are most likely to look for videos on Youtube.

3. SerpStats: Looking for questions that we can answer

SerpStats is a seo tool for reseach keywords that works based on Google Suggest but is a bit different. Here we can conduct research for more effective phrases, find out one basic word and will generate more keyword suggestions based on Google Auto Suggest in various countries.
This tool uses a separate algorithm that we can use to search for and filter out interrogative questions that people tend to do in typing phrases into the search box. This is a very useful feature to find out how people tend to type phrases in finding answers to their problems that might have an answer in your mind. Isn't this the biggest source of inspiration for planning your next video project?

4. Cyfe: For Content Monitoring and Archiving of Search Results

Cyfe can be used to monitor and archive search results from various sources on one dashboard page such as  YouTube keywords  which include the following:
Twitter search reference results , for YouTube video search including keywords
Reference Google Plus search results , for YouTube video search including keywords
Variations differ from the two points above for the use of more relevant  hashtags


Here are the 4 most effective ways to optimize before you upload videos to Youtube that I can present this time. For more leverage, you should check your dashboard on Cyfe every time you plan your next video and before publishing videos on Youtube. This is important to make it easy to get ideas about contexts and relationships that are appropriate for the video.

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Kamran Jaisak

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How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about , that how we can get View on Youtube Videos. Everyone know that Youtube is real and popular to earn money online at home.Every Youtuber earns lots of money through google adsense and paid promotion.

You know that for earn money through youtube views are most important and compulsory. You can eran money by view ratio that matters on country.
Today I will tell you best and easy method to get More View on YouTube.
There are Top 5 ways to get more view on youtube videos.
If you want to grow your Youtube Channel then you are at right place.

Top 5 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube Essential Tips

#1: Search Videos & Analysis on YouTube :

There are many youtuber says that we did not find best topics for making videos, which really can get more views on thier videos. Here is a good solution for that kind of youtubers. You can search best topics on youtube yes heard right youtube is a first free way to find / search best topic to mak videos. You can search Video topics through BetterWayToWeb. as well as you can find

#2: Make Effective Thumbnail & Title:

Fisrt of all type Title related your video topic. Your title must be unique and short that can easily relate with your video topic. Thumbnail is first factor to Attract viewer and for getting more views on youtue. Viewer decide after watching thumbnail, so please make any eyecatchy thumbnail which must be attractive, clean and good looking.
Thumbnail must in full hd quailty

#3: Write Clean & Smart Description:

For get more views on videos, you can rank your videos in search of Youtube and Google Search Engine first page. For this purpose you much write unique description. YouTube allow you 5000 Characters for your videos. You must type your video title in front of your description then type or paste your website links and social media links. Then add 157 plus Characters which will be your tags or keywords. At last add Disclaimer or credits. Now your description is fully done. 

#4: Use Cards & End Screens:

There are many feature in youtube but every youtube didi not knows about that features and thier benifits. That features hels us to get more views and engagement on our videos. There are main two features the first feature is ''I Card'' and second is ''End Screen''. If we use these two features properly we can get more views on our any videos. 
There are lots of tutorials about ''I Cards'' and ''End Screen'' . You should use these wonderful features of youtube. By using this ethod you can get more through other video which is ranking best. 
You can add your videos in ''I card'' and ask suggestion about your chanel or other reason. For attract viewers to click your other videos you should a unique outro which know as ''End Screen''.

#5: Upload Video Regularly:

I have seen many channel that have lots of Subscriber and fan following but they gets low or some views. The main reason of this problem is the youtuber not upload videos regularly. 
Thier Subscribers not know that when video will be out.The Subscribe are confuse that where is video. In this case they hate or Unscubscribe. You Must be active on youtube to get more views and subscribe on our channel.

My Final Words
Hope you'll like my article. If you have really like it then please share it with your all friends. Also SUBSCRIBE MY YouTube Channel.

Kamran Jaisak
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