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Why Blog Traffic Dropping Here's 8 Reasons

Why Blog Traffic Dropping Here's 8 Reasons

Why Blog Traffic Dropping Here's 8 Reasons


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about, Blog Traffic.
Content Marketing is increasing sharply and is showing no signs of declining. Almost every month new names emerge in various fields, from the digital-based education industry, entertainment, health, e-commerce to the production of video webseries.
With the high level of competition on the internet, no doubt the role of content marketing will be increasingly important. 

To enter the world of super tight competition is not easy. Talents and support from various devices are needed as a medium for distributing every idea that is poured into content. And one of the most practical media that can be utilized is a blog. 

Through blogs not only ideas and ideas can be published, but also various content formats, articles, photos, illustrations and other formats can be published and read by many people. 

In short, blogs as a forum can be used as a medium to achieve fast-growing business goals.

Blogging activities have become popular that take up less time and are far more efficient and affordable in terms of cost. 

That's a small number of ideas emerge why a sales person or anyone who wants to build a brand must utilize this media. 

Of course as a blogger we hope that the blogs we have will soon be popular and visitors continue to arrive. 

Because with the increasing popularity of blogs it will be easy for us to realize what was planned beforehand, blog monetization for example. 

But to popularize a new blog is not as easy as a few years ago. Where the virtual world is not as busy as now.

It could take a shortcut by paying web developers to design a blog and then hire a few writers and immediately publish your blog in the hope that visitors will soon flow. 

But what was said. The long-awaited visitor did not come. No traffic ... Your blog is not read by anyone. 

Post after posting made so on day after day without getting tired but still there are no hits for your blog? What is the problem? 

The answer to such a question is actually very relative. But of all the theories that develop one of the most important things about blogging is content.

Blogging is very dependent on search engines. Through a search engine a blog will get visitors through organic traffic which will contribute potential free visitors to your blog. 

All of this can be achieved if the content meets certain aspects especially aspects of SEO, the content is liked and needed by many people.

Here's 8 Reasons Blogs Lack of Visitors

To make sure what you have done regarding SEO on your blog, let's look at the following points. Although this article is not intended to discuss technical matters, it is enough for us to know a number of reasons why a blog is devoid of visitors.

1. Your Blog Is New

The presence of a new blog not so many know. It's certainly empty of visitors. But this is not a significant problem because you can still promote the blog gradually. It takes patience and perseverance to get an audience and increase blog hits. But a new blog will be a big problem for you if your main blogging goals are wrong. Blogging is not just about making money on the internet, but more than that a blog must be able to present the best for readers.

2. Blogging For Yourself

Blogging isn't just just to make money. The purpose of a business blog is not to advertise a product catalog. A good business blog has significant value to offer to users. This means that the content and topic of the blog must be designed so that it can attract and get customers and retain readers. If you are blogging about yourself, achievements, family or product catalogs, stop. Focus on finding out what is meaningful to users, this is important to produce the next blog material that is more relevant.

We start with content. Content has a great power to attract readers to return to visit our blog and can raise the brand in a relatively long period of time. A blog with quality content but has extraordinary SEO power can attract visitors and increase extraordinary hits as well. But this usually only lasts a short time.

3. Your Blog Content Is Not Wanted People

The key to blogging is for the reader you want, not for your own reading. This means that understanding the blog customer base is important to stimulate future blog growth. Blogs must have some value in order to attract readers: have practical benefits, present solutions, educate, detail, entertain and contain new information. It starts with creating a customer base that articulates their interests and personality. Frequent discussions in the community both in forums and through chatting with prospective customers or visitors of various types and characteristics to identify their personalities. This you can use as a reference for subsequent content creation.

4. Boring articles

This point sounds unpleasant indeed. I don't know if this article is interesting or boring. You judge. But at least it will be used as material for evaluation. But sometimes writing for a business blog is really difficult and boring for the reader. If you have a budget for hiring a writer, make sure you read and study it carefully, making sure the writing is interesting to read. If you decide to write your own, be sure to consider a few basic writing rules on languages, especially grammar , spelling and clarity of writing.

By understanding the basics of writing, your blog can overtake traffic quickly. However, it is important to note that writing articles is not only about grammar, but the topic chosen must also be interesting in accordance with the developing issues. 

Choose topics with eye-catching headlines  and make writing as interesting as possible. If translating writing from English, avoid using robots to write (google translate for example). Write as if you were speaking everyday so that the writing looks familiar to the reader.

5. Irrelevant Content

Blogging is not only about interesting topics, to attract the attention of users the topic must have relevance to current issues. For this one point you must always attach your ears and eyes. Keep track of every development, from industry trends, events, news to cultural developments. Visit other blogs that are relevant and have authority and ranking in search engines. Insert comments accompanied by keywords that are trending right now. This can increase not only organic traffic but readers' perceptions about your blog.

6. Rarely Posting and Irregular Article Publishing Schedules

Creating quality content is only the beginning. There are still many other factors that need to be considered because they play an important role in efforts to increase site traffic. For beginners it is recommended to make a special schedule for publishing articles and then run with full consistency. 

It's not enough to publish an article just by creating an article and then airing it and believing that the article will stick in every reader's mind. Then they will return to visit to read your article. 

Internet users need reminders so they are aware that you are in cyberspace. And making a publication schedule will help them to remember you.

7. Your Blog Is Not Distributed

Spreading the word is not entirely your job, even though you are fully responsible for the workload. 

Putting the share button below each post is a very good idea so that your content is easily spread by readers. This is very helpful for increasing blog traffic. 
Other factors worth noting are: photo; photos are considered more likely to attract readers' interest in sharing. 

The two examples above can help make your content easily spread. Put the sharing button on social media like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, so readers can share your blog content easily.

8. Blog Content Is Not Optimized For Search Engines.

As stated before, blogging depends on organic traffic from keywords. If your blog is not optimized for search engines, then organic traffic will be more difficult to obtain. 

The number of articles is very important for search engines, because every time you publish a new article, other pages will also be indexed.

Even in a study showing the average company will see traffic growth of up to 45% when increasing the number of blog articles from 11-20 articles to 21-50 articles. This is because along with the increase in the number of articles, the relevant keywords and topics including keywords on each page of your blog also increases. A good combination of keywords and article numbers can improve search indexing which will drive your blog's traffic over time.


Blogging is easy. What's difficult is caring for the blog to still exist. This can be achieved by efforts to create good, quality, relevant and interesting content and publish it regularly and consistently. Providing a feature to subscribe via email, it is also important to retain readers. By carrying out the above blogging poko tasks, maybe in a relatively short time you will see your little blog grow into a giant blog instead of a lonely visitor blog, without you knowing it. 

My Final Words

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How Blogs Can Be Profitable for Online Businesses

How Blogs Can Be Profitable for Online Businesses

How Blogs Can Be Profitable for Online Businesses


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about How Blogs can be profitable.
Blogs are a very popular way to share information on the internet. Smart business people use blogs as a means of connecting with new customers so that their products can be further known, one of which is to  create a blog for online businesses . 
When you know the importance of blogs for business, right then you need to hire the services of a professional blog writer. 

Why hire someone to write and manage a blog? 

Simple, of course you know that blogging activities take time. You need to take the time to write a post, publish it, promote it, respond to comments, and more.
Then, what if you are busy enough and can't do the blogging activity? So, you need to have a team to manage your blog and this will be very helpful for your business continuity. 
Blogging isn't just about sharing experiences and information, you can use blogs for online business and tell your audience about the products you have.

Professional Blog Content Writing Services
When you hire a professional blog content writer, you need to give full trust to the team to manage your blog. That is, let professional blog writers with their ideas and creativity create content for your blog. 

Once you have an understanding of how a blog writer can help you, it's time to focus on the benefits of blogging for business . 
Blogging activities can reach an audience that has never heard of you. A popular blog post can attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to your website, this can build a level of trust in you as a business leader. 

That is why you need to prove to them that you are the right person and can be trusted.

Apart from that, of course blogging also has SEO benefits that are very important. Nowadays, more and more people are using search engines to determine their decision to buy something. 

When people search for keywords related to your products and services, you need a website or blog to appear in search results.
With regular blogging, you can target important keywords, build more backlinks to your blog or website. 

Blogging is also a good way to build a closer relationship with your audience or prospective customers, because blogging is about interaction.
When readers hear your opinion and they respond positively with comments, you are building bonds with them. 

Having fresh blog content on a website helps keep visitors on your blog longer. They will want to continue reading all your old posts, and the longer they are on your website, the deeper the brand footprint of your product is on their minds.


Content is the backbone of an effective online marketing strategy. The more high-quality content you can produce, the more people you reach and the better your results will be. 

So it's important to hire a professional blog writing service to help you manage your blog. 

Professional bloggers can create content that meets your needs and helps you build stronger articles, a more profitable online presence. 
Thus, hopefully this post can be useful and can help you how to create a blog for online businesses both for small and even large businesses. May be useful.

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Why is Domain Important for Business Full Guide

Why is Domain Important for Business Full Guide

Why is Domain Important for Business Full Guide


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about, Why Domain is Important?
 Domain is a unique identity, no two parties can have the same domain name simultaneously. If you have an offline, SMB or online business, a domain name is very important as a trademark of your business on the internet. 
Before starting a new business, you must have a domain name that is relevant to the business category, easy to remember, easy to spell, easy to say. 

However, before you determine the domain name for your business, you need to know what relevant things people are looking for in the Google search engine, and what words are more publicly noticed.
Having a domain for business shows that your business is professional. Many people lose the best part of having a domain for business until they lose it. When this happens, they realize that they have lost their online identity.

Domain for Business

When you think of domain names, think of memorable words or phrases that are easy to remember and that will bring more traffic to your site. Try using a domain name that is relevant to your website. If your website is a business site, we recommend using your company name / business name as the domain name.

 Keep the domain name as short as possible, around 5 to 10 characters. The shorter your business domain name, the easier it is to remember. 
A good website domain name shows that your business is professional. Something like this you might have experienced: when someone sends you an email from his organization or company with a Gmail, Yahoo account like:, then you will consider it as spam and leave it without opening the email. But this will be different if you receive email in a professional manner like, you will be more concerned with this.

Domain as Identity

If you lose your domain name, you can lose your business identity on the internet.  How important domains are for business, you can only register domain names for a year or more, and you must ensure that you renew them before the expiration date. If your domain name expires, you will no longer own that domain name. 
You can use your domain as a  trademark  that identifies logos, products, devices, packages or services.

You can display all information about your business on the website, such as history, location and contacts that customers can contact.

Registering Your Business Domain

As was discussed earlier that the domain is important for business . After you determine the best domain name for your business, the next is to choose the best web hosting service provider to register your business domain name. 

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Top 5 Free CDN Provider Sites

Top 5 Free CDN Provider Sites

Top 5 Free CDN Provider Sites


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about, Top 5 Free CDN Provider Sites.
As Bloggers, we might have thought about how to make the content on our website fast, at the same time on a website, especially on the blogger platform, sometimes we often insert some javascript code or CSS that is more than 1MB or less, then the website calculation will feel very slow if the browser will send instructions to load our website pages from the top to the bottom of the website itself.

What is the effect on the browser?
At the same time the difference between loading CSS and JAVASCRIPT styles is very much different.
Javascript requires instructions after the browser sends an HTTP response.

secondly after javascript will be loaded it will be repeated or run in sequence in accordance with the method of the function.

Now if the javascript code that is on the website or CSS style has a very large amount, then we need a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service to speed up our website content, if we talk about services, we certainly have to borrow or can be said to be renting and of course Some websites require a fee. However, we do not need to worry about paid CDN services because there are currently many websites that provide free CDN services as an alternative for those of you who have a mediocre budget.
We might need a little explanation about the CDN, so we understand how it works.

What is CDN?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of Servers and Data Centers distributed specifically.
Namely to provide services that require very, very large content, for example: Video, Images, scripts whose data can later be read by the browser as static pages or if we put a javascript file on a CDN then when we load a website then a link that has been integrated with a CDN that will later be loaded like the contents of the script on the main website that has information that the file being read is a script file, or if you load a gif with an integrated CDN link it will be in the form of a gif so that it will continuously match the output permanently cached.

Another thing is with which has deactivated the CDN system in its project file about 5 years ago, so when you use the link from github raw then the file will not function without images except, well from here we already know that the CDN service uses specific instructions for anything that can be loaded on the website.

And the following 5 free CDN service provider websites:

#1. jsDelivr

jsDelivr is the most popular CDN service to date with a capable server speed in my opinion and can also use the github project as a source of CDN. Do you know? jsDelivr has been used by more than one million Developers. And until now I still use jsDelivr for large scale projects, but I suggest not using small scale projects. Only for files with CSS and Javascript extensions as far as I know.


It is suitable for those of you who need a project from NPM and want to use the NPM project for development purposes. I suggest using UNPKG for building purposes. UNPKG is only for source projects in the NPM package.


Almost the same performance with jsDelivr, CDNJS is more widely used on the wordpress platform. But the way it works is almost the same as the other CDNs. Can use prefix for version tags in Production files.

#4. Githack

It is almost similar to Rawgit, why is this similarity because at that time Rawgit was indeed very popular and then Githack began to be inspired almost as a whole and even the logo used the same sushi logo. github but githack support also Bitbucket and Gitlab.

#5. Staticaly

Recently, there was news that Staticaly was an alternative to Rawgit where Rawgit was going to close its service, after I heard that Rawgit would be closed, this was the solution for you to migrate from Rawgit without any hassle. Staticaly also makes it easy for users to migrate with the tools for migration. Let's move quickly before something unexpected happens.

And . well maybe that's the fifth CDN provider website that I feel obliged you to try for the purposes of Blogger or even creating static pages that need faster loading speeds.
it's quite clear, you don't need to have it long. Okay here I have reviewed and have used CDN services from 5 free CDN provider websites and I happen to still use one of them as rawgit but now switched to because that is the risk to use free services, but we also have to appreciate without complaint to the admin because after all the admin holds full power.

My Final Words

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How To Create Interesting Articles Full Guide

How To Create Interesting Articles Full Guide

How To Create Interesting Articles Full Guide


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about writing articles easily.
In the world of blogging sometimes making an article is a little difficult for blog writers, for example, if you have a niche blog that targets several articles that carry topics in accordance with the vision / mission for example about TUTORIAL then all articles must be related to other articles but another thing with the Magazine blog (Gado-gado / Mixed) which carries a variety of topics. 

Usually the Magazine blog is not too focused on just one article, but more concerned with the number or difference in each article depending on the ability of the author when forming an article.

Now on this occasion we will find out how we write articles that are relevant but also of interest to internet users. What I like when making an article is to remain consistent on the article you want to discuss and not complicated, but you must know what is written you also have to be responsible for what is written. 

When the article is published automatically the crawler engine creates an important data as follows: 
1.Keyword (keyword) 
2.The title of the article ( 
on the search engine ) 3.Description (description of the article that appears in search engines) 
4.Links to other articles ( Backlinks)

Now these important points that I will discuss when you want to make an interesting article. Even though the article is very simple, it has high value. Because it is important to remember that the website includes articles written when the article has value for visitors as well as the Crawler Engine (* BOT) .

#1. Article Tilte

The first thing you should know is that the keywords which are used for each article title that you write can also be used as keywords that are inserted in your post later. This intends to increase the population of the number of keywords that appear for your blog so search engines will try to recommend your site when someone searches for articles on search engines. 
the way is to type an article that you want to write for example my friend wants to write an article about "What do you mean by souvenirs?" . Before including the title you write it first on a search engine Example: Google Search type the title in the search bar will come out a keyword, see how much comes out, if a lot of the title of this article is good to include in the title of your article.

#2. Description

The description of your usual friend's article is located at the top of the body of the writing with the shortest possible minimum of 150 words and try to the point on the topic you want to discuss has a negative impact if the description contains too many words but is not relevant to the topic discussed, especially for Google Search really do not recommend posting the article description is too complicated, so try to avoid writing long descriptions but not related to the article. 

#3. Keywords

In writing phrases or keywords here must be very careful for the Crawler Engine like: googlebot, bingbot, etc. really do not like blog articles that use keywords by using the title or other people's articles that are not related to the article written it will have an impact on ranking blog when you are. 
Important things not to do when writing keywords:
Write articles by including several other blog titles in the article body
Write articles by entering other people's article titles
Copying is strictly prohibited

#4. Important point

The effect on using the wrong keyword above is that Search Engines rate the article as spam according to the third point when you are copying it should not copy the entire article but only a small part of the paragraph or half of the information section and make sure you include the main link of the website as well. include a link to the article, automatically the Crawler engine will understand and try to recommend your blog. 

For me, the circulation of backlinks will make the Crawler Engine try to recommend a blog that references links to other articles or blogs, on the other hand the link will be crawled by the Crawler Engine, so this blog link will be seen who has referenced when in analytics that will get a view.

#5. Backlinks

Like the keywords only in the backlinks using a link that is placed on the body of the posting, this SEO method I really like because when an article contains a link impacting the crawlers engine which will recommend your blog, but of course the link must be NO ADDITIONAL NOFOLLOW if NOFOLLOW has no effect. 
Regarding the keyword in point 3 and the important points in the crawling engine sentence try to recommendI assume that it is true when you try to copy without including the source it will have a negative impact on your blog, but on the contrary it will improve ranking when you quote by including the article link along with the link to the website, but remember not to COPY OVERALL .

My Final Words

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10 Free Google SEO Tools You Need to Know

10 Free Google SEO Tools You Need to Know

10 Free Google SEO Tools You Need to Know


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about Google Free SEO Tools.

If you are involved in online marketing, I recommend using at least 2 or 3 of these tools.
Are you an internet marketer, SEO service provider or content marketer, like it or not to Google, you should still consider using this Google SEO tool.

Here's the list:

#1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console (officially known as Webmaster Tool) is the most widely used tool by site owners. You must make this tool as the main choice.

Because Search Console can provide the most valuable information about your site. You can make sure your web is running properly and can find out quickly if there are problems with your site.

In addition we can identify immediately if there are broken links (broken links) or problems with crawling, how many pages are indexed, test the robots.txt file, data structure and much more.
With this tool you will find out how Google gives value to the elements contained on your site.

#2. Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can easily collect data from your site to then analyze content, user experience, your marketing success and much more.
In conclusion, if you do not use Google Analytis, you can be sure you will be far behind competitors.

Google Analytics will remain a popular and growing tool, although there are several other tools that are competing with Google Analytics such as Clicky, Open Web Analytics, WebTrends, Omniture, and others.

#3. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the most widely used. This tool can extract keywords based on search volume (though not 100% accurate) but compared to using other tools Google Keyword Planner is still the most popular.

But there are drawbacks.
This can be seen from its function focusing more on PPC rather than keyword research tools, and often the suggested keywords are very broad. But there are a number of common ways to get keywords that are very relevant to your site.

#4. Google Trends

Google Trends is still the most popular choice among bloggers. This tool can compare different keywords in Google search traffic, including search history data, geographic, and related keywords.

You can understand whether a search topic is up or down. Of course this valuable information can be used to create interesting content with topics that are hot.

You can itemize the most popular searches in the previous year. Also worth a try is Hot Trends, looking at the most popular searches today. This is a source of inspiration for creating content at the right time.

To see what topics are currently popular in Indonesia, you can open the Popular Search page on Google Trends Indonesia at this time on this blog. So no need to bother anymore to filter the Google Trends page.

#5. Google Consumer Survey

Understanding the audience is the key to success in creating a website. By understanding the audience of your site ready to serve their needs.

You know to make a survey can spend no small amount. But Google Consumer Survey is available for free.
For default options are available, but if you want to make more than that you will be charged.

But it can still get valuable data about how users see your site. This is very useful when we want to test the design of a new site or content.

#6. PageSpeed Insights

In 2010 Google announced that site speed was a signal in their search ranking algorithm. Site speed will be very influential for Google to rank a site. A rist also shows that site speed does indeed affect the visibility of your site on SERPs.

You can use this tool for free to test the extent to which the speed of your site when opened with a particular browser.
The Google PageSpeed Tool includes the PageSpeed Insight browser extension for Chrome and Mozilla. And an in-browser version that offers more detailed features.

Whatever you choose, this tool gives you valuable information that can be used to speed up loading of your site.

#7. Content Experiments

This tool is one of the features installed directly into the Google Analytics interface as an analysis and optimization tool.

This tool allows us to test up to 10 full versions on one page and makes it possible to determine the content and target URLs for your experiments, analyzing reports more efficiently. It is very important that you are familiar with GA Content Experiments.

See Benefits of Experiment Content
We can compare how different web pages perform using random samples from visitors.

We also can determine what percentage of visitors who want to be involved in testing.

#8. Google Places for Business

Google Place for Business is one of the free features provided by Google to business owners to promote their locations and business activities.
Business listings that are registered to Google Place are displayed based on city name searches.

Searching on Google Place seems more specific to optimize local search. Although this local search is available in several other applications such as via Apple Maps, Foursquare, review sites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor or online directories such as Yellow Pages, Google Places has its own advantages compared to some of the applications above.

#9. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is still a favorite tool for site owners to monitor selected topics that Google updates regularly on their index listings.

Alerts (notifications) will be sent to an email about the hat-topic you selected if it appears in the Google index.

In addition you can choose and monitor the latest news according to certain topics or the latest information about a company according to the desired topic.
I use a number of inventive ways with the Google Alerts service to get the latest info based on selected topics.

One of the great features of Google Alerts is the option to create RSS feeds, perfect for watching multiple alerts and combining with other sources.
If you have never created a feed with Google Alerts, from Google search results in the RSS Feed format you can try to do it in the following way.

#10. Google Tag Manager

One of the most interesting features of Google Analytics is the Google Tag Manager (GTM). The feature created for tag management is very helpful for online marketing activities to analyze user habits on a website.

By setting the tag in such a way you can detect a user who presses a buy button on a product page, where later the data will be sent to Google Analytics (GA) to analyze the habits of users on your website.

My Final Words

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How to Become an SEO Expert Full Guide

How to Become an SEO Expert Full Guide

How to Become an SEO Expert Full Guide


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about SEO.
The blogger community has now embarked on a new phase where they realize the importance of the function of the search engine (search engine) which is the main source of traffic for the blogs they have built. The variety of writings they make will certainly get so many readers if the article occupies a pretty decent position through a keyword search on the search engine.

From Bloggers to SEO Experts

The awareness of bloggers about the importance of the function of search engines for the popularity of information that has been created on their personal blogs is what then introduces the bloggers to a discipline in the internet that is popular with the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization techniques.

Various information about SEO finally fulfills the thoughts and logarithms of thinking of these bloggers. Various things about SEO from A to Z were devoured to the full of the hunger they just felt about SEO.

Theories about SEO, they have enough to get what is the next step? The answer is of course, Practice!

Practicing their own theory for the sake of SEO theory that they understand into writing after writing that they will make on personal blogs is important to trial an SEO concept error. Because it is no longer a public secret for SEO experts even once, that every SEO will have a different experience when applying an SEO concept.

In order to better forge the solidity of the SEO concepts they have understood, it is quite important if the bloggers then ventured to also plunge into the world of SEO contests. The world of competition that will force bloggers to quickly be able to read the power map of SEO concepts of themselves and their competitors. Then they can immediately compile and implement a more optimal SEO strategy.

Strategy in the world of SEO is the real factor of excellence of an SEO expert. By having a proven strategy through various SEO contests and practices, a blogger will automatically transform into an SEO expert who will also enliven the Indonesian internet marketing world.

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Minimal Responsive Blogger Theme Premium Free With All Features

Minimal Responsive Blogger Theme Premium  Free With All Features

Minimal Responsive Blogger Theme Premium  Free With All Features


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about Blogger Theme which is average theme used by bloggers in worlwide is big, minimalist and has a very fast loading. I also don't understand why a lot of friends like to use this type of minimalist theme. So because of that I also want to share a recycled theme from this high ctr theme which I named a blogger theme minimum. You can download and use this theme free in any blogger site.

There are several features that are the main requirements for a theme to be eligible for use for adsense. Among them as explained below.
For find out more details characteristics and minimal information about this blogger theme, you can read the following reviews:

Theme width

This theme has two columns with small overall width of 755 pixels, for an article area of   573.8 pixels and a sidebar size of 181.2 pixels. And of course it is fully responsive.

Theme colors

For this theme color problem, it still maintains a simple theme type, which carries a white base color with black text color and combined with less pink color on the top.


While the font used for this theme as a whole is the Roboto type font. With a black base color and pink hover text.


At first glance there is nothing special about this theme, but make no mistake. In the sidebar there is space that you can use to display a special widget with a maximum size of 160x600px, for example adsense ads, which will still appear (sticky) even though the screen is rolled down.

Popular Posts

Especially for the popular posts widget, you cannot display images or snippet text. So you can only see the title of the article displayed.

Responsive Dropdown Menu

In the menu section you can see a dropdown menu display of up to 2 sub-levels and is fully responsive when accessed from a mobile device.


Now this is the most eagerly awaited. There are 4 special places that you can use to place ads in this theme. The first is at the top of the content area for leader board ads with a width of 728px, in the sidebar that will appear sticky with a width of 160x600px, and the footer with a width size is also 728px and the last below the individual post.

Comments column

For the comments column this theme still uses the default feature of blogger but with the latest style. So that your blog will not look outdated.

Footer Section

In the footer you can add a banner ad / adsense with a width of 728px.

Top Features

The following are the complete features of a minimum blogger theme:
Responsive - Check Here
SEO Friendly - Check Here
Google Testing Validator Tool - Check Here
Mobile Friendly - Check Here
Fast Loading - Check Here
2 Column Theme
Sticky Sidebar Widget
Simple Blogging Blogger Theme
Ads Ready Blogger Theme
Clean Layout Blogger Theme
Simple Design Blogger Theme
Blogger Theme Down Down Menu
Social Sharing Blogger Theme
HTML5 & CSS3 Blogger Theme
Browser Compatibility Blogger Theme

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