How to Add Countdown Timer Before a Download File

How to Add Countdown Timer Before a Download File by Kamran Jaisak

How to Add Countdown Timer Before a Download File

Assalam o Alaikum
I hope you will fine and enjoying your life greatly. Today I am going to share ascript which knowns as Countdown Timer or Download Timer. 

Some are mentioning advertising as a reason, but I’d say that’s a further benefit. This strategy reduces bounce off your site. We well know that straightforward and best thanks to reduce the bounce rate of any website is to enhance the standard of content and check out to post engage more and more audience on your website. Quality content of the location and added media to an equivalent like a picture , gif file, video, graphics, make an enormous difference but in some case post content associated with soft file product. meaning traffic of your site here to urge download file and left your site. during this way case, they lose your content and ads and increasing the bounce rate of your site. So, this easy Strategy to scale back bounce rate of a site and chance to extend CTR of your google adsense.

Benifits of This Script

You Can Low Your Website Bounse Rate and Can Increase Website Traffic Time that is Good for your any website.
You Can Make More Money and Can Also Get High CPC Hight CTR etc....

It usually has something wish to do as Digital marketing. The longer visitor are on the location , that creates the upper the potential for you to might click a billboard . they're deliberately annoying to take advantage of the 1 in 100 folks that lose patience and click on a link of ads before the file download begins or Ads video plays. Here are steps to feature timer in your website post.

 After getting a code of timer, just create a page in blogger

  •  Past code in HTML Editor of a replacement page
  •  Find “herf Url” top and bottom of the code file and replace together with your targeted download file link.
  •  Save and Publish

Then after you would like to repeat URL of your page and linked with a button where you would like to line a timer.

 click for demo
 Click here for download

My Final Words
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Kamran Jaisak
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