Get URL Shortner Premium Script For Blogger

Get URL Shortner Premium Script For Blogger by Kamran Jaisak

Get URL Shortner Premium Script For Blogger

Today in This Article I'll Show You How to Make URL Shortner Website in Blogger with free script. INSHALLAH today I'll give you a premium URL Shortner script for blogger. This URL shortner Scrit will work for you lifetime.  

Benifits of URL Shortner
There are many benifits of URL Shortner. Toady some of them I'll tell you shortly. You can Make Money from this URL Shortner script 100% free without too much effort, also you can keep safe your any link, which you want ever.

How to Make URL Shortner
If You want Create a Prefect URL Shortner then read this article carefully, it will help you to make a best URL Shortner website on Blogger.

Let's Make URL Shortner
Now Please Follow all setups to create a URL Shortner Website in Blogger. There are #27 setups to make URL Shortner Website on Blogger. Just Follow alll setups.
Let's began.

#.1 Setup
Now goto on Blogger. Signup/Signin your account. Click on Create New Blog.

#.2 Setup
Now Type your URL Shortner Title in first box. Then Type again your title in second box. Note which title you want must be Avaiable. in Last setup Click on Create Blog.

#.3 Setup
Now ''Copy'' all HTM code which you have download.

#.4 Setup
Now click on ''Theme'' for edit HTML.

#.5 Setup
Now click on ''Edit HTML'' for editing HTML code. Here we will paste our URL Shortner script code.

#.6 Setup
Now setect all ''HTML Code'' and Delete that code.

#.7 Setup
Now ''Paste'' all code in the HTML area.

#.8 Setup
Now click on ''Save Theme'' for save all changes. Here you have done your half work.

Well Done You Have Got it
Welldone You have successfully created your own URL Shortner website in blogger tottaly free.

Any Problem
If you're facing any problem then feel free and comment below or you can also my video about this topic for better help. Hope you'll like this easiest method.

 click for demo

 Click here for download

My Final Words
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Kamran Jaisak
Thanks so Much for Reading..

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