How to Choose the Right SEO Blog Template Full Guide

How to Choose the Right SEO Blog Template Full Guide

How to Choose the Right SEO Blog Template Full Guide

The template is one of the most important parts of a blog, where this template has a very good role, namely as a container or can also be said to be the cover of a blog.

The blog template is also very influential on the comfort of the reader (visitors), besides that a good template is also able to provide good interaction (user friendly) to the visitors.

So we can conclude that the template plays a very important role for a blog, and therefore the selection and use of a template should not be done arbitrarily. Because basically this template has an influence on the quality of a blog, such as:

Providing a pleasant reading experience.
Make it easy for visitors to explore a blog.
Improve the quality of blogs in the eyes of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

Well, because of the important role of the template. Then there needs to be good procedures in choosing a template as part of a blog. But what things must be considered in making a template selection? Here are the terms and conditions for choosing a good blog template: 

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

The main requirement that must be considered in choosing a blog template is that it must already carry the title of SEO. What is SEO? And why is SEO the main requirement in template selection? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or it can also be said as search engine optimization.

SEO itself basically includes many requirements, so that when a template already bears the title of SEO, then the template is already very feasible to use. The meaning of SEO itself is a form of business carried out in order to obtain quality and good judgment from the search engine side. Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing basically prioritize blog sites that use SEO templates, because it is assumed that this template meets the criteria, including:

Have a good interaction with visitors.
Has a good menu and navigation components.
And able to provide comfort for visitors who come.

2. Fast Loading 

A good blog template must also support the ability to load fast, because if the template used has a slow score speed, then certainly blog visitors will feel reluctant to explore your blog. Slow blog loading is also very dangerous, because blog visitors will easily leave blog sites like this. That means loading the blog is also included in the benchmark of user comfort. So before you choose a template, try to ensure that the template has a good score speed. Now to find out the score speed or speed of loading a template, you can use the Page Speed   Insight service or you can also use the GT Matrix service. 

3. Responsive

Responsive here means that the template has a flexible display when viewed from a computer or mobile device. Also, it should be noted that the template that you will use has a good appearance and is easy to use both when viewed from desktop mode and when viewed from mobile mode. To find out whether the template that we are going to use meets responsive requirements, you can check it through the Responsinator service. By using this service, you will find out how the template will appear, if viewed from various positions. 

4. User Friendly

User friendly means that the blog template must be able to provide comfort to the visitors, both in terms of appearance, widget layout, menus and content presentation. Well in outline, the user friendly of a template can also be based on SEO factors, because SEO itself contains matters relating to several things that make the template user friendly. 

5. Clean Template 

Structure From Error Terms of use and selection of templates that must be met and may not be left is about the condition of the template structure itself. Make sure the template you are going to use is free of errors or other problems that can interfere with the search engine index.

To be sure, you can use Google Testing Tool Validator (Index) and Google Testing Tool Validator (Item). Well, after we already know what things to consider in choosing a blog template, then it's time to buy a blog template. Currently there are many blog template providers, this is like two different sides of a coin, on the one hand it provides variations in buying templates with different designs, on the other hand it actually makes customers feel confused because so many template providers exist. But you don't need to worry, because now almost all template providers already fulfill the requirements as we have discussed above. You only need to choose a template according to your wishes.
So you are not confused to buy and choose to use a blog template provider, here is a list of the best SEO blog template provider sites:

You can visit the SEO blog template provider site above one by one to find out what templates they provide. But, I personally recommend that you use templates from ThemeHint. The reason is because, the two template providers are already very professional in making blogger templates, besides the templates they present are also always the top trending and always in demand by bloggers today. 

You only need to make adjustments to your blog, so that later your blog site syncs with the template. To make this adjustment, you can start by adjusting the layout in your blogger dashboard, then followed by making menu adjustments by editing HTML in your blog's theme. Indeed, to make this adjustment can not be said to be easy, especially for beginners who have just learned to blog.

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