Tool to Know the Number of A Web Traffic

Tool to Know the Number of Traffic A Web

Tool to Know the Number of A Web Traffic

You can use Google Analytics to get a complete and accurate report of how much traffic to your site.

But what if you want to find out how much traffic (page views) to other sites that use the same competitive niche as your website? Meanwhile it will be very difficult for third parties to accurately measure traffic to a site.

Here are some traffic estimation services that can provide a better understanding of the popularity of a website.

Quantcast - You can use Quantcast to determine how many people have visited a site, over a certain period whether via desktop or mobile. For sites that have implemented the Quantcast tag, you can get more accurate metrics including visitor demographics, traffic between countries, and traffic information via mobile and desktop.

SEM Rush - Presents lots of information about (organic) search traffic for websites. Enter a site URL into the field provided and you will immediately find out how to traffic a site in organic search from time to time. Data can be divided by country, you can know the sites that send traffic and also the keywords that most visitors bring to the site.

Similar Web - At first only as a tool to find similarities between several sites. But now Similar Web can present a variety of data including interface traffic analysis. You can find out the traffic of a site from time to time, the countries that send the most traffic, organic keywords that drive visitors to a site, how many users open a site and so on. You can download the traffic report in a PDF file.

Alexa - Visit Alexa then enter a website domain URL and you will get information on the ranking of a website based on the number of unique visitors and the number of page views. The ranking is not only based on site traffic, but relative to the traffic of other sites monitored by Alexa. Webmasters are often skeptical of Alexa ranking but Alexa ranking is still the best indicator for the popularity of a website.

Siterank.Today - Site presents a tool to track the position of pagerank and traffic of a website. The information obtained includes Pagerank, Search Engine Indexes, Search Engine Backlinks, Safety Information and others.

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