Tips for Finding Article Writing Ideas

Tips for Finding Article Writing Ideas

Tips for Finding Article Writing Ideas

The initial step to open the way to write articles is how to get ideas. Likewise, looking for inspiration or inspiration.

The word idea itself comes from the Latin word idein, meaning to see. Ideally, ideas mean ideas or results of thought. So the idea is obtained by thinking about something.

In Islamic teachings it is known as hidayah or guidance from God. Therefore, to look for ideas we can refer to how to get that guidance.

How to Find Article Writing Ideas
Looking for article writing ideas can be a variety of ways. Among other things in the form of inspiration, the instructions obtained through inspiration, given by God into someone's heart. The idea of ​​writing can come this way. The term, writing instincts. Identical to the sense of news that journalists have.

There is also guidance that comes through the five senses, namely instructions obtained through vision (eyes), hearing (ears), feelings (tongue), smell (nose), touch (hand), ideas can also be obtained by sensing, for example by reading books or newspapers, see scenes or anything that can be seen, listen to radio broadcasts, and so on.

Hidayah can also be obtained through reason (hidayatul 'aqli), the way is of course by maximizing reason that is thinking or thinking, thus the power of reason increases. Even the idea of ​​writing can be obtained by raising the question "why", "why is that" or "how" to an event or phenomenon that exists.

The point is that "ideas are everywhere" including multiplying readings, observations, experiences, opinions, conversations, knowledge, feelings, desires and shows. But my experience says more ideas emerge from reading, in reading you can find actual and interesting themes for you to write on blogs. This tip can also be considered as a blogger trick, right?

Test Your Idea
If you already have an idea, now is the time for you to test your idea by considering, ask yourself, is this idea actually published? Are there any benefits of these ideas for blog visitors? Are there knowledge and references that we have to develop the idea in an article? Or has the article been published in another blog? if so, find an angel (another point of view). Finally, is the idea relevant to the vision and theme of the blog that houses the article?

Now if these questions have been answered the last step is you publish the article on the Blog, find a unique niche, if you have difficulty how to build a niche blog please read the Easy Way to Build a Niche Blog.

Thus hopefully useful.

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