List of Expensive Adsense Keywords and Search Categories

List of Expensive Adsense Keywords and Search Categories

List of Expensive Adsense Keywords and Search Categories

Hello Skipper! This time I want to invite you to experiment with some expensive Adsense keywords or often also called high paying keywords which are the core strength to boost revenue from Google Adsense.

Not all Adsense publishers get the same income, someone's income from Adsense is different from other people's income. It is possible that you can only earn $ 0.5 a day, while other people can make $ 1,000 a day. You can also achieve high income as long as you keep learning and working hard by continuing to explore the ins and outs of Adsense which is mostly discussed in this blog.

Expensive Keywords (Hight Paying Keyword / HPK)

Expensive keywords are the key to success to get high income from Google Adsense. Therefore, in making a blog use expensive keywords. Do you want to know the popular search categories that display Adsense ads from maximum CPC? Next I attach a list of expensive keywords that have been arranged by search category.

Financial Planning: Loans, Credit Cards, Debt Consolidation, Stocks, Payday Loans

Travel: Airline, Car Rental, Hotels, Cruises, Vacations

Lifestyle: Fitness, Dating, Singles, Education, Degrees

e-Commerce: VoIP, Broadband, Domain Names, Web Hosting, Web Design

Real Estate: Mortgages, Refinancing, Home Equity Loans, For Sale by Owner. Credit Score

What is lacking from the list above is the main paying keywords (top paying keywords) which are keywords for health care (health care), and the category of legal aid (legal help) is known to pay more than $ 20 per click - but unfortunately they enter keywords such as mesothelioma, asbestos, accident lawyers, attorney, and others. which has the highest Adsense CPC level but only for real sites like this http://realestate.about.com/ site. Therefore to monetize these keywords on the MFA site is almost impossible.

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