How Google sees site backlinks

How Google sees site backlinks

How Google sees site backlinks

Google, which was developed at Stanford University by two of its inventors, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, began using a method based on linking patterns used as a way to see a site's backlinks and find out their relevance.

Basically, the two people developed an internet-based link pattern map that forms the basis of Google's making. Since then the link model developed.

Some of the factors underlying the linking map are:

1. Context Link.

Google also determines the context of each link based on the web industry, how popular the web itself is. Word phrases contained in web pages that contain links, and word phrases that are made in the form of hyperlinks. That is why incoming links from classified ad websites or web pages that contain lots of barter links (also called link farms) will not be counted as important and relevant by Google.

2. Number of incoming links from outside.

Google can count the number of links coming into a website and reduce the overall number of links from any website in the domain or hosted with the same IP (Internet Protocol) address. So, the more incoming links to the web you have, the more appropriate your website ranks higher. In fact, if these links come from small websites, the number of incoming links will increasingly "boost" your website.

3. Industrial Network.

For each method, Google determines websites based on the most dominant authority of the many information networks. In other words, a website that deserves top position in search results because of a call from "phrases" representing products or businesses offered by a website is a website that gets incoming links from other well-known websites and links relevantly with the same or similar context.

Well, a website that doesn't have such a link doesn't deserve top position in search results on the search site. Therefore, by knowing how to see Google-style site backlinks, we can make guidelines for anticipation every time you build a backlink (link builder) from outside the site.

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