Create Your Search Console Site Statistics Reports

Create Your Search Console Site Statistics Reports

Create Your Search Console Site Statistics Reports

Google announced the addition of the search console connector  feature to the Google Data Studio Application, which is useful for linking data from the Google Search Console. 

With this new connector feature users can create and publish various site traffic reports from which data is taken from the Google Search Console such as the number of clicks, potential keywords, dates, countries, devices used to access the site and find out which search queries are most likely to direct traffic. traffic to their site. 

Users can also filter reports for mobile traffic to improve mobile targeting, and analyze clickthrough rates for various organic search terms. 

Apart from that users can also use Search Console Connector  and AdWords Connector to compare paid and organic search performance, or add Google Analytics data to analyze a site's performance.
Search Console metrics can be collected by one site or one page (URL) configured in the Data Source creation flow, where users can choose one of them, "Site Impression" or "URL Impression". 

To learn more about the differences between the two methods please see the Search Analytics Report Help Center article.

What is Google Data Studio?
Google Data Studio is a free toolset from Google that can be used for a variety of dynamic and visually appealing report publishing needs. 

With this free toolset users can easily connect to various data sources such as visualizing data through dynamic and interactive reporting. You can also share reports and collaborate with other users like on Google Drive. 

Data Studio can also add components from other data sources into one report.

How to Use the Search Console Connector in Data Studio
1. Open Google Data Studio

2. Create a new Data Source
Create a new data source

3. Select Search Console from the Connector list

4. If prompted, click AUTHORIZE  to let Data Studio access your data. You can revoke this access   at any time. 

5. In the  Sites panel , select the site that you want to connect to. 

6. In the Tables panel , choose either  Site Impression or URL Impression . Details can be seen in the Notes section below. 

7. Click CONNECT

How to Use the Search Console Connector in Data Studio

Within a few moments, the Fields screen will appear. Now you can configure data source fields and create reports using data from Search Console.

The Search Console Connector  uses 2 different aggregation methods to report search performance: Sites Impression (site impressions) and URL Impression (display URLs). The Search Console Connector provides access to both methods; But a single data source can only be used in one of two methods. (To view the Site Impression and your site's Impression URL side by side, create 2 data sources  and add them both to one report.). 

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