Blog Promotion Tips For Inviting High Traffic

Blog Promotion Tips For Inviting High Traffic

Blog Promotion Tips For Inviting High Traffic

Do you have a website that has quite interesting content but only a few visitors?

Or even though there are many visitors but they don't explore your website too much? Or many visitors don't like your website?

There are several ways you can use to overcome these problems. And unique, often all that is needed is quite simple ideas and possible without the need for too much effort.

You do not need to be a super genius or super brilliant to come up with ideas like that., You just have a sensitivity to the internet and the culture that is in it. As a website manager you must be able to receive feedback from your site's browsers and also be able to see trends in the outside world.

Through this article I try to raise some simple ideas from various sources including from several web experts (web designers, web authors, etc.) based on observations of internet explorers and on several existing websites.

You can come up with your own brilliant ideas, simply by broadening your horizons to trends, culture, and technological advances that exist within or outside the internet world.

Then just pour your idea into your website and just see the results after that take feedback (input / criticism / suggestions / praise) for further improvement.

Make several versions of the website

Nowadays web technology is developing rapidly, on the one hand it spurs web designers / web authors to make web pages more beautiful and sophisticated. But on the other hand, it also means the need for higher speed access.

If you design / create a website and if your site's server still has enough space left, several versions of the site can be made.

For example, site version A for visitors with a relatively fast internet connection (can be seen in the next section) and site version B for site visitors with a relatively slow internet connection.

Example: Some sites provide standard HTML and Shocked versions, requiring additional plug-ins and of course faster access speeds. Examples of sites are: www.fightthefuture.com There are also web providers of text only or text and image versions.

Insert photos or images according to your blog
Using images on a website is an excellent way to show site visitors what you are doing, your products, your services, past projects and much more.

You can add photos and other types of images to web site pages to help visualize your business or organization.

Here are some quick tips for making perfect images or photos on your website:

Do not use images directly from the camera.

The images stored in a digital camera are usually very large.
Currently the monitor screen is still in the stage of improvement and is still growing.

So the quality of images with large pixels and photos is still not needed.

Uploading large original photos will only reduce storage media space quickly.

Worse yet, large photos will slow down loading for visitors to your website.

So just save the photos to the hard drive and then use your favorite image editing software such as Photoshop to edit photos.

Use the recommended file size

When editing the image file it is recommended that the file be saved with a size of no more than 200kb.

Because based on our experience a file size of this size is easier to use on the web without causing problems.

Note, also make sure that your original photo file is no more than 10mpx.

Right image dimensions

Also the height and width dimensions of images should be no more than 2880 x 2880 px.

Save the image in the correct format

Your site supports jpeg, gif or png formats, so save images that you want to upload in one of these formats.

Add interesting features to the site
From various known web technologies you can create a service / feature
specifically from websites to attract the attention of visitors. The basic idea is to attract visitors by providing facilities / services and then make them curious to explore the web or blog further.

Some examples of these services are eCards, search engines, discussion rooms, chat rooms, free hit counters, and others.
The following will try to explain how to make visitors interested in visiting a website / blog:

links from search engines / other sites are directed to the main page of our site, thus forcing visitors to explore our site further.
links from search engines / other sites are directed to the facilities page offered. And from each service delivery, visitors are 'persuaded' to carry out further exploration. The 'persuasion' itself can be some pretty preview images, banners, and so on

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