Almost 100% of site visitors are looking for it

Almost 100% of site visitors are looking for it

Almost 100% of site visitors are looking for it

Looking for something free / low cost is a basic human nature that cannot be denied. You can use this to increase the popularity of your website.

Make special links to places that have something free. This can be done to make our website more attractive without having to make a particular product.

Decide what kind of free items you want to display. After that, look for sites that provide these items then include the address of the site in your website.

We recommend that you include this link, you notify the owner of the site so that problems do not occur in the future.

 Some examples of free items that interest internet explorers and you can look for sites providing them: Manual / On Line eBooks, posters, pictures / icons, music (mp3 / midi), movie clips, CDs, and others.

Providing something free from our website (eg Intel, Oracle, Sun) Some sites on the internet offer free items of their own / production. This can be done for media promotion from a company / organization that has excellent financial capabilities. As an example :

Free CD subscription which can contain shareware, product info, and others. This has been done by Intel, Sun, and others.

Free Magazine Subscriptions related to managed site content. For example, you can visit Oracle Magazine (www.oramag.com)

Catalog of the products offered. An example is www.artrock.com

Examples (samples) of products such as electronic components (transistors, op-amps, etc.), software evaluation version, and others.

Databook is useful for finding references from a product. For example: Intel (www.intel.com), they provide various data about their products such as microprocessors, microcontrollers, and others that are combined in several books (databook).

Provide free services that can attract visitors as well as promotional media. This relates to web technology discussed in the previous section. An example is the free Electronics Cards service, which each card can contain a link to your site.

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