5 Chrome Extensions For SEO Checking

5 Chrome Extensions For SEO Checking

5 Chrome Extensions For SEO Checking

Here are 5 Chrome extensions for SEO checker that are very useful for analyzing the web for Chrome browser users. This SEO tool in the form of the Chrome extension can be used for free or a free SEO tool. 

With the following SEO checker we can analyze the SEO quality of a site without having to exit Chrome or open a new tab while browsing a site. 

Information that we can find out from the results of the analysis with the following SEO Checker Tool for example keyword ranking, alexa rank, status index in several search engines, keyword density and many others.

5 Best Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

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Also to check the quality of other sites that we link to, ensure that these sites really have a good reputation in the eyes of search engines. 

For information, most Firefox users (especially users with SEO background) consider switching to Google Chrome on the grounds that using Chrome is more practical for SEO needs, especially in relation to Google. 

In addition, Google Chrome has a lot of extensions for SEO needs that are no less great than the SEO extension in Mozilla Firefox. The following explanation.

5 Best Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

Here are 5 of the best and most powerful Chrome extensions that are useful as an SEO Checker to analyze the quality of SEO sites.

1. SEO Stats Best Chrome Extensions for Professional SEO

This Google Chrome Add On is the most powerful extension and can present detailed reports with excellent maintenance from the developer.

This extension can provide a lot of SEO status reports that are needed for various web pages on the internet. Information is presented in various formats and very detailed, such as social media status data for  certain web pages / websites and in-depth SEO data such as number of likes from backlinks and server data details . 

2. SEO for Chrome

This extension is also one of the best Chrome plugins for SEO. Can generate SEO data information in the form of detailed reports such as the number of pages indexed, traffic reports and rankings that refer to reports from different providers such as Alexa, Complete and Google Page Rank. 

This plugin gives us a temporary statistical report outline of a website in terms of overall SEO. 

3. iPage

We all know that Google Toolbar is not available for Chrome, fortunately there are other plugins with the same functionality as alternatives that can be used in Google Chrome. This plugin is called iPage Chrome Extention . 

You can adjust your settings to display Page Rank on search results pages for domains and individual pages (certain web pages). This extension is a small but powerful plugin as a PR Checker extension   for Chrome. 

4. SeoQuake

Most of the use of Seo Quake is still in Mozilla Firefox. But now you can use it on Google Chrome. 

Seo Quake will present you an SEO status report from the search results. addon is very useful especially in presenting thousands of search results. 

Personally I like this addon especially when presenting website status reports on social media for individual posts. This is very helpful in searching for a web content that is most preferred on social media. Even if without this function this plugin is still a great feature that presents to you an outline of the status of the site you are looking for. 

5. Shareaholic for Google Chrome

If you are a very enthusiastic SEO practitioner this plugin cannot ignore  social media  to improve your site's ranking on Search Engines . 

Shareholic is not a direct SEO extension, plugins are very useful for increasing your ranking in search engines. This addon will make it easier for anyone who wants to share content on several social media at once. In conclusion, this plugin will ease the workload to be light and fast. 

As a Blogger / SEO we can use this plugin for various content on several social media such as Twitter, Facebook to bookmark various content. If you are looking for one stop solutions  for  bookmarking and sharing various contents on social media. then this plugin is a "Shareaholic" plugin that is right for you. 

You can change the Shareholic drop down to suit your needs. If you want Twitter first, then you can choose 100 more bookmarking options from the list. 

Bonus SEO Site Tools

In addition to the 5 chrome extensions for SEO Checker described above, in addition to the following, there is another Chrome extension that is also very useful for analyzing the web, its features are very powerful for all your SEO needs.

Among the 5 Chrome Extensions for SEO Checker above, of course there are advantages and disadvantages of each, but at least the features available in the SEO checker tool are sufficient and can help a lot of needs and facilitate analysis of SEO sites better through the Google Chrome browser. And most importantly this SEO tool is free.

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