Why Blog Traffic Dropping Here's 8 Reasons

Why Blog Traffic Dropping Here's 8 Reasons

Why Blog Traffic Dropping Here's 8 Reasons


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about, Blog Traffic.
Content Marketing is increasing sharply and is showing no signs of declining. Almost every month new names emerge in various fields, from the digital-based education industry, entertainment, health, e-commerce to the production of video webseries.
With the high level of competition on the internet, no doubt the role of content marketing will be increasingly important. 

To enter the world of super tight competition is not easy. Talents and support from various devices are needed as a medium for distributing every idea that is poured into content. And one of the most practical media that can be utilized is a blog. 

Through blogs not only ideas and ideas can be published, but also various content formats, articles, photos, illustrations and other formats can be published and read by many people. 

In short, blogs as a forum can be used as a medium to achieve fast-growing business goals.

Blogging activities have become popular that take up less time and are far more efficient and affordable in terms of cost. 

That's a small number of ideas emerge why a sales person or anyone who wants to build a brand must utilize this media. 

Of course as a blogger we hope that the blogs we have will soon be popular and visitors continue to arrive. 

Because with the increasing popularity of blogs it will be easy for us to realize what was planned beforehand, blog monetization for example. 

But to popularize a new blog is not as easy as a few years ago. Where the virtual world is not as busy as now.

It could take a shortcut by paying web developers to design a blog and then hire a few writers and immediately publish your blog in the hope that visitors will soon flow. 

But what was said. The long-awaited visitor did not come. No traffic ... Your blog is not read by anyone. 

Post after posting made so on day after day without getting tired but still there are no hits for your blog? What is the problem? 

The answer to such a question is actually very relative. But of all the theories that develop one of the most important things about blogging is content.

Blogging is very dependent on search engines. Through a search engine a blog will get visitors through organic traffic which will contribute potential free visitors to your blog. 

All of this can be achieved if the content meets certain aspects especially aspects of SEO, the content is liked and needed by many people.

Here's 8 Reasons Blogs Lack of Visitors

To make sure what you have done regarding SEO on your blog, let's look at the following points. Although this article is not intended to discuss technical matters, it is enough for us to know a number of reasons why a blog is devoid of visitors.

1. Your Blog Is New

The presence of a new blog not so many know. It's certainly empty of visitors. But this is not a significant problem because you can still promote the blog gradually. It takes patience and perseverance to get an audience and increase blog hits. But a new blog will be a big problem for you if your main blogging goals are wrong. Blogging is not just about making money on the internet, but more than that a blog must be able to present the best for readers.

2. Blogging For Yourself

Blogging isn't just just to make money. The purpose of a business blog is not to advertise a product catalog. A good business blog has significant value to offer to users. This means that the content and topic of the blog must be designed so that it can attract and get customers and retain readers. If you are blogging about yourself, achievements, family or product catalogs, stop. Focus on finding out what is meaningful to users, this is important to produce the next blog material that is more relevant.

We start with content. Content has a great power to attract readers to return to visit our blog and can raise the brand in a relatively long period of time. A blog with quality content but has extraordinary SEO power can attract visitors and increase extraordinary hits as well. But this usually only lasts a short time.

3. Your Blog Content Is Not Wanted People

The key to blogging is for the reader you want, not for your own reading. This means that understanding the blog customer base is important to stimulate future blog growth. Blogs must have some value in order to attract readers: have practical benefits, present solutions, educate, detail, entertain and contain new information. It starts with creating a customer base that articulates their interests and personality. Frequent discussions in the community both in forums and through chatting with prospective customers or visitors of various types and characteristics to identify their personalities. This you can use as a reference for subsequent content creation.

4. Boring articles

This point sounds unpleasant indeed. I don't know if this article is interesting or boring. You judge. But at least it will be used as material for evaluation. But sometimes writing for a business blog is really difficult and boring for the reader. If you have a budget for hiring a writer, make sure you read and study it carefully, making sure the writing is interesting to read. If you decide to write your own, be sure to consider a few basic writing rules on languages, especially grammar , spelling and clarity of writing.

By understanding the basics of writing, your blog can overtake traffic quickly. However, it is important to note that writing articles is not only about grammar, but the topic chosen must also be interesting in accordance with the developing issues. 

Choose topics with eye-catching headlines  and make writing as interesting as possible. If translating writing from English, avoid using robots to write (google translate for example). Write as if you were speaking everyday so that the writing looks familiar to the reader.

5. Irrelevant Content

Blogging is not only about interesting topics, to attract the attention of users the topic must have relevance to current issues. For this one point you must always attach your ears and eyes. Keep track of every development, from industry trends, events, news to cultural developments. Visit other blogs that are relevant and have authority and ranking in search engines. Insert comments accompanied by keywords that are trending right now. This can increase not only organic traffic but readers' perceptions about your blog.

6. Rarely Posting and Irregular Article Publishing Schedules

Creating quality content is only the beginning. There are still many other factors that need to be considered because they play an important role in efforts to increase site traffic. For beginners it is recommended to make a special schedule for publishing articles and then run with full consistency. 

It's not enough to publish an article just by creating an article and then airing it and believing that the article will stick in every reader's mind. Then they will return to visit to read your article. 

Internet users need reminders so they are aware that you are in cyberspace. And making a publication schedule will help them to remember you.

7. Your Blog Is Not Distributed

Spreading the word is not entirely your job, even though you are fully responsible for the workload. 

Putting the share button below each post is a very good idea so that your content is easily spread by readers. This is very helpful for increasing blog traffic. 
Other factors worth noting are: photo; photos are considered more likely to attract readers' interest in sharing. 

The two examples above can help make your content easily spread. Put the sharing button on social media like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, so readers can share your blog content easily.

8. Blog Content Is Not Optimized For Search Engines.

As stated before, blogging depends on organic traffic from keywords. If your blog is not optimized for search engines, then organic traffic will be more difficult to obtain. 

The number of articles is very important for search engines, because every time you publish a new article, other pages will also be indexed.

Even in a study showing the average company will see traffic growth of up to 45% when increasing the number of blog articles from 11-20 articles to 21-50 articles. This is because along with the increase in the number of articles, the relevant keywords and topics including keywords on each page of your blog also increases. A good combination of keywords and article numbers can improve search indexing which will drive your blog's traffic over time.


Blogging is easy. What's difficult is caring for the blog to still exist. This can be achieved by efforts to create good, quality, relevant and interesting content and publish it regularly and consistently. Providing a feature to subscribe via email, it is also important to retain readers. By carrying out the above blogging poko tasks, maybe in a relatively short time you will see your little blog grow into a giant blog instead of a lonely visitor blog, without you knowing it. 

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