Top 5 Free CDN Provider Sites

Top 5 Free CDN Provider Sites

Top 5 Free CDN Provider Sites


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about, Top 5 Free CDN Provider Sites.
As Bloggers, we might have thought about how to make the content on our website fast, at the same time on a website, especially on the blogger platform, sometimes we often insert some javascript code or CSS that is more than 1MB or less, then the website calculation will feel very slow if the browser will send instructions to load our website pages from the top to the bottom of the website itself.

What is the effect on the browser?
At the same time the difference between loading CSS and JAVASCRIPT styles is very much different.
Javascript requires instructions after the browser sends an HTTP response.

secondly after javascript will be loaded it will be repeated or run in sequence in accordance with the method of the function.

Now if the javascript code that is on the website or CSS style has a very large amount, then we need a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service to speed up our website content, if we talk about services, we certainly have to borrow or can be said to be renting and of course Some websites require a fee. However, we do not need to worry about paid CDN services because there are currently many websites that provide free CDN services as an alternative for those of you who have a mediocre budget.
We might need a little explanation about the CDN, so we understand how it works.

What is CDN?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of Servers and Data Centers distributed specifically.
Namely to provide services that require very, very large content, for example: Video, Images, scripts whose data can later be read by the browser as static pages or if we put a javascript file on a CDN then when we load a website then a link that has been integrated with a CDN that will later be loaded like the contents of the script on the main website that has information that the file being read is a script file, or if you load a gif with an integrated CDN link it will be in the form of a gif so that it will continuously match the output permanently cached.

Another thing is with github.com which has deactivated the CDN system in its project file about 5 years ago, so when you use the link from github raw then the file will not function without images except, well from here we already know that the CDN service uses specific instructions for anything that can be loaded on the website.

And the following 5 free CDN service provider websites:

#1. jsDelivr

jsDelivr is the most popular CDN service to date with a capable server speed in my opinion and can also use the github project as a source of CDN. Do you know? jsDelivr has been used by more than one million Developers. And until now I still use jsDelivr for large scale projects, but I suggest not using small scale projects. Only for files with CSS and Javascript extensions as far as I know.


It is suitable for those of you who need a project from NPM and want to use the NPM project for development purposes. I suggest using UNPKG for building purposes. UNPKG is only for source projects in the NPM package.


Almost the same performance with jsDelivr, CDNJS is more widely used on the wordpress platform. But the way it works is almost the same as the other CDNs. Can use prefix for version tags in Production files.

#4. Githack

It is almost similar to Rawgit, why is this similarity because at that time Rawgit was indeed very popular and then Githack began to be inspired almost as a whole and even the logo used the same sushi logo. github but githack support also Bitbucket and Gitlab.

#5. Staticaly

Recently, there was news that Staticaly was an alternative to Rawgit where Rawgit was going to close its service, after I heard that Rawgit would be closed, this was the solution for you to migrate from Rawgit without any hassle. Staticaly also makes it easy for users to migrate with the tools for migration. Let's move quickly before something unexpected happens.

And . well maybe that's the fifth CDN provider website that I feel obliged you to try for the purposes of Blogger or even creating static pages that need faster loading speeds.
it's quite clear, you don't need to have it long. Okay here I have reviewed and have used CDN services from 5 free CDN provider websites and I happen to still use one of them as rawgit but now switched to staticaly.com because that is the risk to use free services, but we also have to appreciate without complaint to the admin because after all the admin holds full power.

My Final Words

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