The Best Android Application You Must Download 2019

The Best Android Application You Must Download 2019

The Best Android Application You Must Download 2019


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about, best Android Apps.
There are more than one million Android applications that are present and you can download for free or paid through the Play Store. Some are already very well-known such as Instagram or Youtube, some are rarely known and unpopular although they are very good and useful, some even have the exact same function, only the names are different. For that, rather than trying one on one, which certainly takes time, we have summarized the best Android applications that were present throughout 2019, which are certainly useful, innovative, and still fun to use. Following the review.

#1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is not the latest Android application, but until now Nova Launcher is still the best launcher application provided by Play Store. The application is lightweight, responsive, and provides lots of customizable settings that can beautify the display screen of your android smartphone. With this application you change the look of themes, notification screens, application icons, folder shapes, wallpapers, and unique gestures that can make your smartphone's UI better and more beautiful.

#2. WPS Office

WPS Office is a free office application that has a myriad of features and benefits. This application is compatible with all word processing and document applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, PDF, Spreadsheets, Memos, and many others. WPS Office even has a PDF Converter feature that can convert various documents into pdf format. In addition there is also a PDF Reader, Editor, data encryption, multi-window support, file sharing, and can also be connected to Cloud Drive that automatically saves your files to cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive or WPS Cloud. The application is also very easy to use with an intuitive UI. Overall, WPS Office is the best Android office application at the moment.

#3. Xender

Xender is one of the Android applications that must be installed on your smartphone. Especially if you often use several devices at the same time such as computers, laptops, or other smartphones. So you no longer need to bother carrying a USB data cable to transfer files from PC to smartphone or vice versa. There is indeed Bluetooth, but Xender makes file transfers between devices hundreds of times faster than Bluetooth because it doesn't need pairing or PC-side applications like most file sharing applications. You only need to be on the same wireless network to be able to exchange files at will through the browser on your PC and certainly without data usage.

#4. MX Player

MX Player is a video player application that you must have if you like watching movies through your smartphone screen. This application supports almost all video and audio formats available today. In addition, MX Player is also very rich in features that can support the video viewing experience, so it's easier to edit the time frame of subtitles, gestures for zoom-in and zoom-out, gesture adjusting the volume, on-screen lock, and many others. . You can get MX Player for free, but there are also paid features and plugins to add functionality to this MX Player.

#5. Unfold

For you Instagram users who always want to update photos and insta-stories that are cool and unique it feels like you need to install Unfold on your smartphone. Because the Android social media application provides a variety of unique and beautiful templates that you can apply in photos for your Instagram story. All templates can be used free of charge and are easily applied to enhance your Instagram posts. There are 25 free templates that are simple, stylish, and elegant with 5 different font types that will add to the aesthetic value of your photos and videos. If it's lacking, there are also many premium templates that you can get through In-App Purchase.

#6. PhotoScan

Surely many of you still keep old photos or childhood photos neatly stored in photo albums. Of course, these photos will eventually be damaged by age and become blurred. But with Google PhotoScan you have to worry again because this Android mobile application will help you save photos that are full of memories into digital format.

Its use is quite easy, you just point the camera at the photo, then the application will scan and take photos that will automatically create high quality images of your old photo. PhotoScan will also automatically save the image to Cloud Storage from Google Photos, so you don't need to worry even if the old photo will be damaged or lost, because you already have a copy that you can access through your smartphone.

#7. PicsArt

PicsArt is the most popular photo editing android application used by android users worldwide. Not surprisingly, PicsArt provides hundreds of customization options that you can use to edit your photos to make them look more attractive, lively, and more beautiful. For example, such as photo collage features, draw on photos, add images and fonts, various frames, stickers, cloning tools, change the orientation of the photo, crop, change perspective, and many others. The good news, it's all free even though there is an In-App Purchase option for more premium content.

#8. Shazam

Have you ever been in a place to listen to music or songs that are very pleasant to hear but you have difficulty remembering the singer or don't even know what the title is? If ever, then you need Shazam on your Android smartphone. This application will help you identify and recognize the sounds of music around you and provide information about the music such as who sings, what the title, arrangement, version or cover. You only need to open this application and bring your smartphone closer to the sound source. With just one tap, Shazam will instantly detect the song accurately and direct you to the song in question. Shazam has been connected directly to Youtube and Spotify channels so you can add the song directly to your playlist.

#9. Libby

Libby is an Android application that is suitable for you who likes to read. Smartphones and tablets have become popular alternative media for reading books. Even in the Play Store itself sells a variety of E-Books from various genres such as novels, non-fiction, motivation, to recipe books. The problem is that the price is quite expensive which makes you think twice before buying.

However, with Libby you can read, borrow, or exchange books for free. Libby works with local libraries that provide digital books, so you only need to log in, connect to the library membership around you, then just search for digital books from the library that you like. You even borrow digital books from all libraries in your city as long as you have a membership. It's quite practical, so you don't need to go back and forth to the library.

#10. InShot - Video Editor & Video Maker

InShot is an Android application for editing and creating videos that are rich in features and customizations. With this application you can produce cool videos that you can post on your social media platform. No need to have technical expertise in video editing, with InShot you can produce videos with artistic blur effects, glitch effects and TV effects that produce mysterious impressions, slow motion effects, to vintage effects that make your videos memorable last time. This video editing application already supports video formats for Youtube and Instagram so it's easier and faster for those of you who want to keep updating your social media content. Filters, presets, stickers and effects on InShot are always updated regularly according to trends and popularity in the community. So there is no longer the term lack of association.

#11. Socratic

With Socratic you can get free private tutors through your smartphone. This Android smartphone application will help with homework from school children, younger siblings, or yourself who are learning to answer a variety of questions about mathematics and other subjects. You only need to take pictures of the questions you want to ask then upload them to Socratic.

The answers will be given directly from a trusted educator team or other users who know the answers. You can get a direct answer accompanied by steps in solving the problem. Not just math problems, you can also ask other questions such as history, chemistry, physics, and many others.

#12. White Noise Generator

Do you feel that the sound of rain and the sound of waves on the beach is very soothing to the mind? White Noise Generator is an Android application inspired by that. With this application you can get natural sounds from nature such as the sound of rain, the sound of waves, the birds whistling, and many other soothing sounds. You even combine the various sounds and adjust the noise level to become an overall environmental sound. For example, the atmosphere in the rainforest, the sound when camping on the beach, or even the atmosphere of the cafe atmosphere on the edge of the city that occasionally heard the train passing. This application is perfect for helping you relax so you can sleep easier or add focus when studying or working. Good again, this application can still run even in the background, so you can still listen to the sound while doing other activities on your smartphone.

#13. Learn Languages with Memrise

Memrise is the most appropriate Android application for you who want to learn a new language. With this application you can learn a variety of foreign languages   such as French, German, Italian, or Spanish directly native speaker of that language. The learning method offered is unique, that is while playing a game by defeating aliens by mastering the foreign language. The good news is that this application can continue to operate even if your smartphone is not connected to the internet. Reminder and progress features are provided to track the extent of your progress in learning the language you are learning. Originality, easy and attractive user interface, fun learning methods are the reasons why Memrise is the favorite language learning application for many people.

#14. Mint Browser

Speaking of browsers, android smartphones have tons of choices. From the very popular ones like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, to the not-so-famous ones but have good functionality like Cake Web or UC Browser. But there is one more latest browser that you should consider becoming your smartphone's flagship browser, the Mint Browser. The browser developed by Xiaomi has a smaller size and is much lighter than other browsers. There are standard features such as JavaScript blocker, multi-tab, and search engine. Beyond that the most special part of Mint Browser is the built-in feature to block pop-up ads and advertisements that interfere with your browsing activities. As someone who often surfs the internet you surely don't know how annoying pop-up ads and advertisements fill your browser screen.

#15. MNML Screen Recorder

In some high-end class smartphones there is already a built-in screen recorder feature that completes it, but if your smartphone does not have these features then you must download an application that can be used to record the screen activity of your smartphone. If you are currently in such an application, MNML Screen Recorder can be the right choice. This application becomes one of the screen recorder applications with rich features but with a simple UI making it easier to use. MNML Screen recorder has settings that you can choose related to the video quality you want, such as Frame per Second (FPS) and bitrate. You can set bitrate settings from the lowest 2Mbps to the highest 24 Mbps. We recommend setting it according to your smartphone's hardware specifications because if it is only the default setting, the resulting video will only be of the minimum quality.

#16. Canva

Canva is a revolutionary android application that makes graphic design work easier. You no longer need to learn complicated editing software such as Corel Draw or Illustrator, because with Canva you can edit photos, filter and make posters as easily as just installing and pasting. Not only that, Canvas provides various templates for posters and banners such as Facebook cover photos, Twitter posts, Blog banners, infographics, brochures, to CV. You only need to drag & drop the design elements that are provided without the need to make it from scratch. You can download Canva for free and all templates are also free. But for a more premium design element you have to buy it through in-app purchases.

17. Instagram Lite

If you don't install Instagram for fear that the application is heavy and will overload your smartphone, then there is good news for you. Following in the footsteps of Facebook Lite, Instagram now also has a Lite version. The advantages offered by Instagram Lite are certain is the smaller application size and doesn't take up a lot of resources on your smartphone, but still has the same features and functions as the regular version. Instagram Lite quickly gained popularity in the Play Store, which has now been downloaded by many people. Instagram Lite is very useful for those of you who have low-end smartphones but want to keep browsing Instagram more smoothly and smoothly.

Well, that's the best Android application that is present throughout 2019. Are the applications in this list already on your smartphone? If not, go directly to the Play Store to download it. That's all and hope your article can help you.

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