How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about , that how we can get View on Youtube Videos. Everyone know that Youtube is real and popular to earn money online at home.Every Youtuber earns lots of money through google adsense and paid promotion.

You know that for earn money through youtube views are most important and compulsory. You can eran money by view ratio that matters on country.
Today I will tell you best and easy method to get More View on YouTube.
There are Top 5 ways to get more view on youtube videos.
If you want to grow your Youtube Channel then you are at right place.

Top 5 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube Essential Tips

#1: Search Videos & Analysis on YouTube :

There are many youtuber says that we did not find best topics for making videos, which really can get more views on thier videos. Here is a good solution for that kind of youtubers. You can search best topics on youtube yes heard right youtube is a first free way to find / search best topic to mak videos. You can search Video topics through BetterWayToWeb. as well as you can find

#2: Make Effective Thumbnail & Title:

Fisrt of all type Title related your video topic. Your title must be unique and short that can easily relate with your video topic. Thumbnail is first factor to Attract viewer and for getting more views on youtue. Viewer decide after watching thumbnail, so please make any eyecatchy thumbnail which must be attractive, clean and good looking.

Thumbnail must in full hd quailty

#3: Write Clean & Smart Description:

For get more views on videos, you can rank your videos in search of Youtube and Google Search Engine first page. For this purpose you much write unique description. YouTube allow you 5000 Characters for your videos. You must type your video title in front of your description then type or paste your website links and social media links. Then add 157 plus Characters which will be your tags or keywords. At last add Disclaimer or credits. Now your description is fully done. 

#4: Use Cards & End Screens:

There are many feature in youtube but every youtube didi not knows about that features and thier benifits. That features hels us to get more views and engagement on our videos. There are main two features the first feature is ''I Card'' and second is ''End Screen''. If we use these two features properly we can get more views on our any videos. 
There are lots of tutorials about ''I Cards'' and ''End Screen'' . You should use these wonderful features of youtube. By using this ethod you can get more through other video which is ranking best. 
You can add your videos in ''I card'' and ask suggestion about your chanel or other reason. For attract viewers to click your other videos you should a unique outro which know as ''End Screen''.

#5: Upload Video Regularly:

I have seen many channel that have lots of Subscriber and fan following but they gets low or some views. The main reason of this problem is the youtuber not upload videos regularly. 

Thier Subscribers not know that when video will be out.The Subscribe are confuse that where is video. In this case they hate or Unscubscribe. You Must be active on youtube to get more views and subscribe on our channel.

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