How to Create Stylish Contact Form Page For Blogger Full Guide

How to Create Stylish Contact Form Page For Blogger Full Guide

How to Create Stylish Contact Form Page For Blogger Full Guide

Today in This Article I'll Show You How to Create Stylish and Responsive Contact us Form Page for Blogger/Website in just few setups.Which method I'll tell You yhat is so Easy and most effective. 

Benifits of Contact Form 
There are many benifits of Contact us form, here I'll Explain some of them.Conatct us form is best way to contact with your Blogger/Website Traffic diectly without any delay.Your vistors can ask or give you info through contact us form.Therfore a Contact us Form is most Important for every site.

How to Create Contact Form
If You want to Create a Prefect contact us form so just follow all these simple setups below.I'll try my best to teach easiest method to create a contact form.

Let's Create Contact Form
Now Plaese Follow all setups to create a awesome Contact us form.
There are #13 easiest Setups to Create Contact us form.

#.1 Setup
First of all goto Google Forms. Then click on contact Information.

#.2 Setup
Now Type Contact us in first box. You can Check all boxes in Bottom.

#.3 Setup
Now click on send button to get this contact us form.

#.4 Setup
Now click on embed to get HTML code for your blogger/website to show contact form on your site.click on copy button for copy this HTML code. 

#.5 Setup
Now goto on your blogger dashbord, then click on pages. Now click on create pew page.

#.6 Setup
Now click here on HTML and paste all code here which you have coped.

#.7 Setup
Now Click on Compose.Here you can demo of your contact us form.Now type contact us in title bar.Now click on Publish button.

#.8 Setup
Here you can see your page.now click under title on View for get link of your contact us form.

#.9 Setup
Now click on URL bar and copy all url to get you contact us form.

#.10 Setup
Now click on Theme to add URL in your theme.

#.11 Setup
Now click on HTML.

#.12 Setup
Now Press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and search in box contact and try to find contact us link.

#.13 Setup
Now paste your URL in the place of #Hash and click on save theme.

Well Done You Have Got it
Welldone You have successfully created your contact us form.

Any Problem
If you're facing any problem then feel free and comment below or you can also my video about this topic for better help. Hope you'll like this easiest method

My Final Words
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Kamran Jaisak
Thanks so Much for Reading

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