Best Paid SEO Tools For High Ranking Website Full Guide

Best Paid SEO Tools For High Ranking Website Full Guide

Best Paid SEO Tools For High Ranking Website Full Guide


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about
some online services that provide SEO tools with comprehensive guidelines that can be utilized to learn SEO quickly, directly like an expert.

Here are some paid online tools:

1. SEOProfiler

SEOProfiler provides a single platform for managing keyword research activities, link-building promotion, competitive intelligence research and much more. All of which can substantially enhance a company's SEO campaign. In addition, this tool offers detailed reporting features, useful for displaying data generated.

This program offers a free 30-day trial period for new users to explore the features offered. After the trial, a monthly membership fee will be charged, from $ 29 beginner accounts to $ 249 for professional SEO companies or organizations.

#2. Optify.net

Optify.net offers a number of web data analysis tools, but the two main tools are most useful for webmasters for search engine optimization and social media optimization.

While other SEO tools offer relatively the same functions as SEOProfiler, the link-building module has one of the most obvious weaknesses, which is that it only functions to track links instead of finding partners as potential for building backlinks.

In the area of   social media optimization, Optify.net provides more features than SEOProfiler and other SEO tools. You can monitor social media traffic in real time, and collect important data to increase conversions from traffic sources and determine social media ROI.

With more features offered by Optify.net, the price is a little higher. Ie after a trial period of 30 days, a monthly fee will range from $ 250 to $ 500.

#3. LocalVOX

Although most SEO tools focus on traditional tasks to increase website visibility in search results, small business owners should also consider using local SEO methods to target customers in their area.

In addition to keyword research, building backlinks, local SEO practitioners will also spend time building links with their followers on social media, optimizing website "place listings" including on Google Places and Yelp, and monitoring customer site reviews as feedback.

For most small business owners, the demands to carry out SEO traditionally can produce extraordinary results. That is why some people re-use services like LocalVOX, automating the website optimization process locally. LocalVOX offers users several local SEO services, including automatic networking and social media updates.

But keep in mind this additional service will cost: a monthly fee ranging from $ 199 to $ 749, plus a setup fee.

#4. Raven Tool

Like Optify.net, the Raven Tool offers two types of SEO, search engines and social media. What's interesting about this tool is that it can be integrated with Google Adwords. Raven's tool can combine data from both "Google Adwords + Google Analytics" accounts, making it easy for each decision maker to determine the effectiveness of a PPC campaign.

After a 30 day free trial of advertising and web analytics packages, a direct monthly rate of $ 99 per personal account and $ 249 for larger packages, and business-oriented institutions or companies will be charged.

#5. Traffic Travis

If the fees charged by the management of the SEO company are far from being provided, you can use this SEO tool in the free version.

This free SEO tool provides many features equivalent to the above programs, including optimization analysis, backlink prospects and competitive research that "peeks" at your competitors' PPC ads.

Traffic Travis can attract customers of startups companies that lack a budget, to use the free version of course with some limitations.

Traffic Travis can help beginners to optimize the website for free before upgrading to use paid full features.


The list of tools above is the best I have summarized from various sources. For beginners the tools above can meet the basic needs to find out the SEO information of a website. Of course if you feel you need it you can use paid SEO tools to analyze the SEO of a website.

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