Best 3 Sites where you can learn free SEO

Best 3 Sites where you can learn free SEO

Best 3 Sites where you can learn free SEO


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One of the most effective media for learning free SEO is on forum sites. Many beginner bloggers who are active in various forums eventually become SEO experts.

Of course you are familiar with the term forum site. A site where we can discuss, discuss and solve a problem together.

Even through forums we can also sell or promote a business that is being cultivated. Not only that as a site owner we can even raise the brand so that our business is more popular.
Whatever business you are in, anyone and any field of your profession must be a member of a forum. You are a blogger but still a beginner in the field of SEO it is recommended to register at several forum sites.

#1. Ads-id

Ads-id is one of the largest pubisher community sites in Indonesia. On this site you can ask questions and discuss various topics around blogging, how to get money on the internet and adsense tips and tricks with other members.
In general the ads.id forum site is more focused on discussing adsense and becoming a community forum for all adsense publishers in the country.

However, talking about advertising issues the topic is certainly not far from SEO. In the end the adsense topic that became the main focus of this forum slowly turned into a discussion of SEO.
Lots of useful information you can get from this forum. You can also ask various things about adsense and SEO to thousands of mastah who have joined in it.

#2. Bersosial.com

Bersosial is the third largest internet forum and online discussion site after Ads.id. In this forum, its members can find various information about blogging. You can also ask questions and discuss many things about SEO. Tips and tricks that may not be found in SEO theories both SEO books and other official SEO blogs. Including Blackhat SEO.

According to information circulating on the Internet the social forum site forum was founded by Danang Probo Sayekti on December 4, 2012. Its address is in Susukan Grabag Magelang 56196, Jawa Tengah Indonesia.

#3. Juragancipir

Juragancipir was originally a personal blog that reviews blogging and adsense, but the founder added a discussion forum that became a forum for discussion for Indonesian adsense publishers
By its founder Mbak Indri, this forum was named IAPD which stands for Indonesian Adsense Publisher Discussion.

Judging from its name, this forum is dedicated to a discussion about adsense, but there you will also find a variety of topics that discuss SEO.
It is recommended you also have to join this forum. Many things about SEO can be learned from this forum. Certainly this is a place to learn gatis SEO.

This forum started as a forum on Google Plus named IAPD as well, founded by Indri Lidiawati a housewife who is also a blogger who is still active today.
In it also has joined thousands of mastah homeland who are ready to help anyone in need.

According to the founders of this forum it is suitable for beginners and masters who want to deepen the science of blogging and adsense, and who knows you will succeed starting from a simple forum.

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