10 Free Google SEO Tools You Need to Know

10 Free Google SEO Tools You Need to Know

10 Free Google SEO Tools You Need to Know


Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about Google Free SEO Tools.

If you are involved in online marketing, I recommend using at least 2 or 3 of these tools.
Are you an internet marketer, SEO service provider or content marketer, like it or not to Google, you should still consider using this Google SEO tool.

Here's the list:

#1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console (officially known as Webmaster Tool) is the most widely used tool by site owners. You must make this tool as the main choice.

Because Search Console can provide the most valuable information about your site. You can make sure your web is running properly and can find out quickly if there are problems with your site.

In addition we can identify immediately if there are broken links (broken links) or problems with crawling, how many pages are indexed, test the robots.txt file, data structure and much more.
With this tool you will find out how Google gives value to the elements contained on your site.

#2. Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can easily collect data from your site to then analyze content, user experience, your marketing success and much more.
In conclusion, if you do not use Google Analytis, you can be sure you will be far behind competitors.

Google Analytics will remain a popular and growing tool, although there are several other tools that are competing with Google Analytics such as Clicky, Open Web Analytics, WebTrends, Omniture, and others.

#3. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the most widely used. This tool can extract keywords based on search volume (though not 100% accurate) but compared to using other tools Google Keyword Planner is still the most popular.

But there are drawbacks.
This can be seen from its function focusing more on PPC rather than keyword research tools, and often the suggested keywords are very broad. But there are a number of common ways to get keywords that are very relevant to your site.

#4. Google Trends

Google Trends is still the most popular choice among bloggers. This tool can compare different keywords in Google search traffic, including search history data, geographic, and related keywords.

You can understand whether a search topic is up or down. Of course this valuable information can be used to create interesting content with topics that are hot.

You can itemize the most popular searches in the previous year. Also worth a try is Hot Trends, looking at the most popular searches today. This is a source of inspiration for creating content at the right time.

To see what topics are currently popular in Indonesia, you can open the Popular Search page on Google Trends Indonesia at this time on this blog. So no need to bother anymore to filter the Google Trends page.

#5. Google Consumer Survey

Understanding the audience is the key to success in creating a website. By understanding the audience of your site ready to serve their needs.

You know to make a survey can spend no small amount. But Google Consumer Survey is available for free.
For default options are available, but if you want to make more than that you will be charged.

But it can still get valuable data about how users see your site. This is very useful when we want to test the design of a new site or content.

#6. PageSpeed Insights

In 2010 Google announced that site speed was a signal in their search ranking algorithm. Site speed will be very influential for Google to rank a site. A rist also shows that site speed does indeed affect the visibility of your site on SERPs.

You can use this tool for free to test the extent to which the speed of your site when opened with a particular browser.
The Google PageSpeed Tool includes the PageSpeed Insight browser extension for Chrome and Mozilla. And an in-browser version that offers more detailed features.

Whatever you choose, this tool gives you valuable information that can be used to speed up loading of your site.

#7. Content Experiments

This tool is one of the features installed directly into the Google Analytics interface as an analysis and optimization tool.

This tool allows us to test up to 10 full versions on one page and makes it possible to determine the content and target URLs for your experiments, analyzing reports more efficiently. It is very important that you are familiar with GA Content Experiments.

See Benefits of Experiment Content
We can compare how different web pages perform using random samples from visitors.

We also can determine what percentage of visitors who want to be involved in testing.

#8. Google Places for Business

Google Place for Business is one of the free features provided by Google to business owners to promote their locations and business activities.
Business listings that are registered to Google Place are displayed based on city name searches.

Searching on Google Place seems more specific to optimize local search. Although this local search is available in several other applications such as via Apple Maps, Foursquare, review sites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor or online directories such as Yellow Pages, Google Places has its own advantages compared to some of the applications above.

#9. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is still a favorite tool for site owners to monitor selected topics that Google updates regularly on their index listings.

Alerts (notifications) will be sent to an email about the hat-topic you selected if it appears in the Google index.

In addition you can choose and monitor the latest news according to certain topics or the latest information about a company according to the desired topic.
I use a number of inventive ways with the Google Alerts service to get the latest info based on selected topics.

One of the great features of Google Alerts is the option to create RSS feeds, perfect for watching multiple alerts and combining with other sources.
If you have never created a feed with Google Alerts, from Google search results in the RSS Feed format you can try to do it in the following way.

#10. Google Tag Manager

One of the most interesting features of Google Analytics is the Google Tag Manager (GTM). The feature created for tag management is very helpful for online marketing activities to analyze user habits on a website.

By setting the tag in such a way you can detect a user who presses a buy button on a product page, where later the data will be sent to Google Analytics (GA) to analyze the habits of users on your website.

My Final Words

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Kamran Jaisak

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